Notes are presented in reverse chronological order

2.4.4 (2023-09-05)

User-facing changes

  • Dark mode
    • You can configure the dark mode setting on the More tab: On, Off, System Default
    • When you install IronSight (or open this build for the first time), we set dark mode to "system default"
  • Added inventory custom field/form field
  • Added cancelled bucket for requesters
  • When requesting a job, division, requester, resource type, activity and cost center are now autofilled when there is only 1 possible option
  • The on-duty bar now appears on the chat tab for dispatcher+field worker users
  • For requesters, their pending approval and completed buckets are no longer constrained by "created or requested by me". They now have every job that matches the bucket that they have permission to view. This should include jobs they follow
  • Search jobs is now a full screen navigation. Since the home screen owns the tab bar, floating action button and on-duty sheet, they are no longer visible on this screen
  • If a user clones a job and their selected resource is capable of doing the job, their resource is auto-filled into the clone job screen (overwrites whatever might be there)
  • the job bucket you are currently viewing will be refreshed if you background the app and re-open it
  • The dispatched bucket is now sorted by resource, then requested start, then job number
  • Resource types are now sorted/grouped by "service" on the filters bottom sheet, like Dispatch Hub

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a race condition where trying to load "today" jobs before the bucket is registered properly caused a crash
  • Fixed an issue where the edit button was not displayed immediately after filling out a job form (note: you still cannot edit the forms until they submit successfully with internet)
  • Fixed an issue where you could not add new tags if they were "contained" in an existing tag (i.e could not add "Liked" as a tag if "Disliked" already exists)
  • Fixed an issue with object fields not filling out their default values as you filled out the form
  • Fixed an issue where partner admins could incorrectly unapprove jobs from the mobile app
  • Fixed a regression where field workers were sometimes incorrectly seeing the assignment field
  • Fixed an issue where field worker + requester users could assign a job to their own company when their own company was not capable of the job
  • "route" buttons on locations of the job screen are no longer clipped

2.4.3 (2023-08-23) - Android Only

  • Small config change required by google play store. Should not be noticeable

2.4.2 (2023-08-21)

  • Added search to requester and dispatcher buckets
    • operator buckets (Today, Future, Completed by me) do not have filters or search
  • Renamed bucket categories
    • Ongoing jobs → Ongoing
    • Completed → Closed
  • To make the dispatching experience simpler and more consistent with Dispatch Hub, we added a big blue “Assign job to…” button for dispatchers in the mobile app to assign jobs to a company or resource.

Other changes

  • Update fonts to material 3. Consolidating fonts will make maintenance easier.
    • Users will notice some difference to font sizes

2.4.1 (2023-08-04)

  • Fixed an issue where a newly-cloned job would not properly assign to the selected service provider on submit of the job

 2.4.0 (2023-08-01) 

This is a major update to our mobile app experience - introducing Job Buckets!

Job Buckets are meant to improve users' experience in a variety of ways:

  • Relevant, logical and useful job categories that are role-specific
  • Improved filtering and sorting with ability to view more than one day at a time
  • Improved app performance
  • More consistent experience with Forms 

The job categories will differ based on a user and include:

  • Today - contains jobs the user has permission to see, that are assigned to the resource they are currently on-duty with
  • Future - contains jobs the user has permission to see, that are assigned to the resource they are currently on-duty with
  • Queue - contains jobs that are requested and awaiting dispatch
  • Dispatched - contains jobs that are scheduled, active, paused
  • Requested by me - contains jobs for which the user is the creator and/or requester
  • Followed by me - contains jobs for which the user is a follower
  • Pending approval - contains jobs the user has permission to see with status: "completed & pending approval"
  • Completed & approved - contains jobs the user has permission to see with status: "completed & no approval" and "completed & approved"
  • Cancelled - contains cancelled jobs the user has permission to see
  • Completed by me - jobs completed by a user

Examples of new Job Buckets:

Other updates:

  • Tags are no longer copied on when cloning a job
  • Fixed a bug where if the job duration ended in a zero like 20 hours, it would be incorrectly trimmed to 2
  • Field workers can no longer be selected as job followers