Notes are presented in reverse chronological order

3.0.7 (2024-04-16)

This release will bump the minimum supported iOS version from 12 to 13

Here's what else is coming: 

User-facing changes and bug fixes

  • updated the UI for the creatable selector field (used cost centers, line items, form/custom fields)


  • updated permissions so that only service provider users with an admin/coordinator role can submit jobs for approval
  • various line items polish and bug fixes, including searching line items by their description
  • fixed an issue where energy product users incorrectly saw service provider forms
  • allow supplier coordinators and admins to cancel the approval request for a job in the pending approval state


  • fixed issues with chat sorting and filters not working, and added a reset filter button

3.0.6 (2024-03-14)

  • Completed jobs can now be edited when "Submit for Approval" is enabled (same as Dispatch Hub)
  • Swapped the position of the Approve/Reject buttons to match Dispatch Hub
  • Fixed text for "Completed" bucket name

3.0.5 (2024-03-06)

  • Hide archived price book items from selector
  • Line item polish
    • Show rate in price book item bottom sheet
    • Minor UI improvements
    • Ensure sorted from oldest -> newest
  • Submit for approval should now properly show in the job log
  • UI improvements to the autocomplete component
  • Fix issue where failing to upload an attachment while offline would not be handled properly
  • Fix issue where the 'Assign to' bottom sheet search would not return any results

3.0.4 (2024-03-01)

  • Disable EP Reject, EP Approve in completed state and SP Submit for approval unless the feature flag is enabled.

3.0.2 (2024-02-29)

  • Added Line Items Feature in support of feature launch week of March 4 
    • Line items can be added on a job by Service Providers
    • Added Submit for Approval button, Reject for Approval button, and related job history entries in the job log (bottom of the job screen)
  • Location-related improvements
    • Added location filters to the job filters bottom sheet
    • If any location on a job has an unknown location (0 lat, 0 long) the job map now shows you a dismissible warning about it
    • Loading locations is now paginated to load batches of them instead of all at once
    • You no longer need to log out and back in to load the locations of a hub you were just granted access to
    • Fixed an issue where locations a user just created (on mobile) would cause a crash if they tried to route to them
  • UX improvements
    • The "Create Client" screen now has more safe area on the bottom for iOS native buttons
    • Fixed some inconsistencies with background colors of status bar and native buttons when changing between dark mode and light mode
    • Fixed an issue with focusing some fields that you didn't tap on the request job screen
    • The cost center input field can now be cleared when editing
    • The search field now appears on the search results screen when you search a job bucket
    • Archived activities no longer appear in the activity dropdown when creating/editing a job
    • The unread chat count on the job chat button is now only the count for that particular resource chat group, instead of all chat groups
    • Archived forms are no longer selectable as a form requirement for Service Providers
  • Users that can execute jobs are now forced to turn on precise location, on top of the previous permission which is "location always"

3.0.1 (2024-01-15)

  • Added ability to scan a QR code that contains the URL to access the job from Dispatch Hub:

  • Fixed an issue where locations were not loaded when a user's hub access changed (i.e. when a partnership is created)
  • Fixed an issue with the refresh token for multihub users
  • Fixed an issue where the locations screen would crash with large numbers of resources

3.0.0 (2023-12-20)

  • Support standalone ("unmanaged") Service Provider customers:
    • Support forms owned by Service Provider organization
    • Allow unmanaged SP admins to create locations on the fly
    • Allow unmanaged SPs to create clients on the fly
    • Support SP form requirements on jobs
  • Ability to edit saved job filters
  • Ahow all assigned operators on the jobs details screen
  • Allow support of SSO by switching to browser-based sign-in
  • Show job owner short code on job card, so that Service Providers can tell at a glance which client a job is for
  • Added history of synced command attempts
  • Fixed a bug to ensure that users can go off-duty and log out, even if their permissions change