April 2023

Apr 13, 2023

  • +30 day job search is enabled for all clients by default
    • Either choose any date range you want, or remove all limits and search by all jobs ever

  • There is now a default cap on the number of jobs that can be exported at once
    • This value is configurable per Client (default is 10,000 jobs)

    • If the job cap is exceeded, you cannot export jobs (this screenshot shows a tenant where the cap has been set to 5000 jobs)


  • Removed the PDF download feature flag - PDF downloads are now available for all clients

Apr 3, 2023

  • Update to Schedule screen's "week view" showing 1 Resource Type per tab
    • Fixed a few small issues with the new week view including performance of the refresh button and the height/scroll-ability of cells with lots of jobs

  • +30 day job search is enabled - if not visible in your environment, ask your CSM to enable it
    • Either choose any date range you want, or remove all limits and search by all jobs ever
    • Exporting CSV by all jobs does have some limits, so if you need a full export - reach out to your CSM
  • Improve the CSV exporting performance with the new jobs list
  • Trip Distance recorded in either KM or miles on jobs based on location
  • Updated notification and pdf links to open in correct 'Job' screen
  • Updated the service provider filter on the jobs list to only include jobs with no service provider if specified in the filters
  • Removed the inventory screen
    • Inventory is now managed on the location screen only

Behind the Scene's (coming soon)

  • Tweaked permissions for bulk updating core fields from the jobs list
    • Will be enabling feature for all clients within the week
  • Continue working on the ability to edit the job's completed and active times post completion.
    • This feature is getting closer, but still a few more steps before we can enable it for clients