February 2023

Notes are presented in reverse chronological order


Job Unapproval

  • Unapproving an approved job simply means sending it back into the pending approval state
  • Who can unapprove jobs?
    • any user with an Admin role
    • any  Dispatcher, Requester, or Operator user, IF they were the user that approved the job
      • currently, they must be the last user that approved the job for this to work
  • All other roles cannot unapprove jobs


  • Distinguish between locations your company owns, and locations owned by other companies
    • Locations owned by your company are indicated by the existing squarish location pin
      Existing Squarish Pin
    • Locations owned by other companies are indicated by a new roundish location pin
      New Roundish Pin
  • Fixed an issue where after editing a location in Manage Account Data, the selected value did not get cleared after exiting


  • Followers can now get an email whenever they are added on a job (during or after creation) - must be turned on for a customer
  • Users can now archive locations
  • Users can now drag to reposition a location when editing from field view
  • Added a new Submitter column on the jobs list (on by default)
  • Now only show in-use location types in the Field View filter
  • Location names are now showing without the full hierarchy in most places
  • Week view sorting improvements:
    • Resource types are listed alphabetically
    • Companies are listed alphabetically within the resource type heading
    • Under each company, their resources are grouped by status (blue standby at top, then green active in middle, then grey offline at bottom)
    • Within each status grouping, the resources are listed alphabetically
  • Day view sorting improvements:
    • Resource types are sorted alphabetically
    • Resources are grouped by status (blue standby at top, green active middle, and grey offline at the bottom)
    • Within the standby, active, and offline groupings, the resources are grouped by company (which are sorted alphabetically)
    • Within each company grouping the resources are listed alphabetically

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where logging out and back in would reset user's job filters and column selection
  • Executed time label on completed jobs that never went active no longer shows ‘invalid date’