July 2023

Notes are presented in reverse chronological order

31 July 2023

Dispatch Hub 23.0.280
  • Remove "up for grabs"
  • Filter projects by hub access
  • Make unassigned jobs on week view able to be filtered by division
  • Fix job side sheet blue spinner race condition
  • Include archived resource types when selecting all resource types in a job list filter
  • Show company (Service Provider) their own pools acceptance responses
  • Pools feature polish
  • Fix "Unknown assigned to" issue visible to Service Providers

26 July 2023

Dispatch Hub 23.0.278
  • Fix bug with job assigned to pool not being updatable
  • Add number of assignment group jobs and unique stops to job PDF
  • Allow duplicate labels on cost centers across hubs
  • Show audit log on jobs assigned to a pool

25 July 2023

Dispatch Hub 23.0.277

User-facing changes

  • Various pools bug fixes
  • Fix Project side sheet crashing on bulk create
  • Fix issue where project options are sometimes not shown in the job importer
  • Fix project reload issue
  • Allow external users to un-assign a job if it is assigned to the Service Provider they belong to
  • Cancel pool if jobs are cancelled
  • Convert "submitted on" field in form submission PDF to local time
  • Only show Service Providers with active resources from same hub as a job
  • Specific user-facing error messages for pool errors
  • Display Service Provider ranking metadata for pool ranking confirmation


18 July 2023

Dispatch Hub 23.0.275

Note that this release contains a hotfix for the previous Dispatch Hub release 23.0.278

  • Only users with roles containing at least one of the following can be added as Followers on jobs:
    • admin
    • dispatcher
    • requester
  • Users with roles containing only the following cannot be added as Followers on jobs:
    • member
    • form reviewer
    • operator
    • analytics viewer


17 July 2023

Dispatch Hub 23.0.274

User-facing changes

  • Added future jobs to current jobs section on a location on Field View
  • restrict which users can be added as followers on jobs from Dispatch Hub:
    • only users with an admin or dispatcher role

06 July 2023

Dispatch Hub 23.0.273

User-facing changes

  • Browse planned & active jobs at a location in Field View
    • Replaced the Jobs section with Past Jobs and Current Jobs
    • Added ability to create a new job from Field View


05 July 2023

Dispatch Hub 23.0.272

User-facing changes

  • added ability to search the jobs list by assignment group number

04 July 2023

Dispatch Hub 23.0.271

Bug fixes

  • fixed an issue where too many location requests were getting sent on week view

Non-user-facing changes

  • continued work on location performance improvements
    • subject location cell on the form submissions table now sent as the name instead of id
    • continued work on the new paginated get locations API