Location Tracking FAQs

How do I stop the app from sharing my GPS location? (E.g. I’m off shift)

  • Log out of the app completely. Your location will not be sent to IronSight’s servers.

  • Go “Off Duty” (that is, log out of a unit) using the Stop button in the bottom-right corner of the app

    • There is one exception to when you are Off Duty: if there is a geofence setup in IronSight and you pass into or exit the geofence, your location will be shared when Off Duty. To stop sharing your GPS location completely, log out of the app.

My mobile device says IronSight has been accessing my location in the background for the past three days. Is that true?

  • IronSight shares your location only while you are logged in as explained above.

  • If you logged into the app during the past three days, IronSight has accessed your location (again, only while you were logged in) which prompts the message to be shown on your mobile device.

  • At no time does IronSight access your location when you are logged out of the app.