March 2023

Notes are presented in reverse chronological order

28 March 2023

  • Show the trip distance on completed jobs. Only shown for jobs where the distance is non zero.
    • Note we are limiting this to the job side sheet,  we have no current plans to add this to the Mobile/PDF/Analytics yet (all of which require a larger technical change)
  • We no longer return pending approval jobs outside of your current date range from the old jobs query.
    • The idea is to limit the amount of pending approval jobs carried over from previous days for dispatchers/admins on the mobile app as we suspect it is causing performance issues.
  • Improve how complex custom fields (like arrays) get rendered on Job PDFs. They should now get rendered the same way they would when downloading a form PDF
  • Fix an issue where updating a resources status did not change the on the interface
  • Fix an issue where the project link for jobs on week and schedule views was not consistently loading

Behind the Scenes (coming soon):

  • Wrapping up remaining week view polish.  This includes: 
    • Adding back the ability to scroll the screen while dragging a job for scheduling
    • Remembering the last resource type selected.
    • Should be ready to fully release the new Week View on for all users by next release
  • Finished support for bulk updating core fields from the jobs list. 
    • Should be ready to fully release by next release

23 March 2023

  • The default sort order on the jobs list is now by job number, descending
  • Bulk job creation polish
  • Location inventory polish
  • Added the year to the location updated time

20 March 2023

  • When bulk creating jobs, it now only takes one click to add a single job on a given day
  • Increased allowed Activity name length from 32 characters to 64
  • fixed a bug where the operator dropdown on the job sidesheet wasn’t sorted alphabetically
  • fixed a bug where a broken panel displayed after a job opened from with a project was closed
  • fixed a bug where negative inventory was not shown when editing/adjusting

14 March 2023

  • Field view improvements:

    • locations in field view now show last updated by:

    • partner admins now see the + New location button in field view
  • Bulk job creation

    • we’ve expanded the bulk creation feature to allow multiple jobs to be created on the same day, as well as other days, at the same time
    • a maximum of 100 jobs can be bulk created at a time, with a maximum of 25 jobs per individual day
    • as before, the created jobs are added to a project

Bug fixes

  • field view inventory fixes
  • fixed an issue where you could not submit/edit a form with an uppercase file extension
  • fixed and issue where locations were not visible on the resource minimap
  • fixed an issue where the pin was missing in lat/long selector on forms
  • backend work to improve mobile offline reliability


02 March 2023

  • *New*  Edit Tags on approved jobs
    • Easily keep track of your invoiced Approved Jobs using Tags and reviewing on the Jobs list.
  • *New* Manage inventory directly from a location. Inventory can be added during location creation and be adjusted on existing locations
  • *New*  Filter on schedule view to exclude resources that have no jobs assigned.
    • Only see the units actively working 


  • Released an update to the Jobs list that speeds it up considerably
  • Field workers will only see jobs that are assigned to their unit if they were assigned as operator on the job OR if the operator assignment was left blank. 
    • Previously they could see jobs assigned to other field workers if they go on duty in the same resource.