May 2023

Notes are presented in reverse chronological order


29 May 2023

  • Changing the resource type of a job within an assignment group now changes the resource type of all jobs within the assignment group as well
  • Mostly back-end improvements and other non-user facing fixes

23 May 2023

General improvements

  • Switch the order of custom field title and activity name in the job importer, to make them easier to distinguish
  • Visually indicate that all jobs within an assignment group on week view are completed





Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Location Owners filter on Field View sometimes returned hidden companies from other hubs
  • Fixed an issue where changing the assignment of a single job within a group did not update all jobs within the group

16 May 2023

  • Bulk update improvements:

    • Can now update "add to project", "destination" and "pickup locations" on completed jobs
  • Updated the bulk update sidesheet
  • Added comments explaining why fields may be unavailable/why no fields might be available

  •  Assignment group improvements:
    • Fixed an issue preventing dragging an assignment group from a Service Provider Resource to the same Service Provider/Company row
    • Added assignment group to the job PDF
    • Users can now search by assignment group from the jobs list
    • Users can now can create new assignment groups when importing jobs via the flatfile importer
    • Disallow all dragging of completed and cancelled jobs on Week View
    • Disallow adding cancelled jobs to groups

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some dropdowns were not sorted alphabetically (case insensitive)
  • Fxed an issue where the form submission lat-long location reset to the tenant center point when editing a form submission
  • Fixed an issue where, on the jobs list, the row corresponding to the open job sidesheet was not highlighted
  • Fixed a bug with editing completed times: the "job_planned_actual_times_editing" feature flag can now be turned on everywhere

9 May 2023

  • Performance improvements of various job endpoints
  • When bulk-updating jobs, users are no longer allowed to change job selection if the bulk update bottom sheet is open
  • Week view job card sizing improvements
  • Job display positioning changes based on various logic factors
  • Assignment groups with completed/cancelled jobs can no longer be reassigned until those jobs are removed from the assignment group
Bug fixes    
  • Various fixes on the CSV export and job list
  • Fixed an issue where the completed read-only job sidesheet did not immediately show edited inventory + quantity values
  • Various fixes for active duration displays
  • Fixed an issue where you could not add a pickup location on a completed job
  • Fixed an issue where custom field values were not properly sanitized when the division or activity on the job changed
  • Tooltip on day view now says Requester instead of Customer

4 May 2023

Inventory associations can now be as granular as a single option per Resource type Activity. 

ie)  Fluid Haul > Haul Oil will now have the option to default the inventory item to Oil

Previously it would "suggest" from a set of options but users could choose from any other inventory available in the system.

How it works: 

Both Resource Type and Activity must be selected before inventory can be added to job.

When creating a job with:

  • No associated inventory (such as maintenance tasks)
    • the inventory section is not auto-added
    • you are always able to manually add inventory items
      • all inventory items in the system are available
  • A single associated inventory item (such as Hauling Oil or Water)
    • The inventory section is auto-added to the request
    • The inventory item is auto-populated
      • If configured, only this single inventory item is available
  • Multiple associated inventory items (such as Pipe Hauling)
    • The inventory section is auto-added
    • No item is auto-populated
      • Only the configured inventory items are available to select from

*We are planning to release the mobile app with the new RTA-Inventory functionality on Monday. Until users upgrade, the old associations will still function as before.


1 May 2023  

  • Job Importer now supports custom fields
  • Removed complex custom fields from the jobs list to reduce confusion
    • arrays, objects, and markdown fields are no longer available as columns on the jobs list
  • *Bug Fix* Active duration logic in CSV export has been modified