Resetting Password via Mobile

If you forgot your password, can't find your activation email, your activation link expired or you just want to reset your password

Click Forgot Password on the login screen

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Common Challenges and Solutions

If you've tried hitting the forgot password link and are still having trouble, here's a few other possible solutions you can try:
Common Causes Solution
 Reset password email not arriving

 1. Check spam box.

 2. If not in spam box, your email provider has blocked the email completely.   Follow next steps to resolve.

 3. Add to your contact list to allow our emails to get through.

 4. Click the reset password link again. 

 Incorrect email being used to sign in

 1. Confirm you are logging in with the same email your IronSight account was set up with.

 2. If changes are needed, contact your admin or email

 Activation link has expired

 1. You can send the link to yourself by hitting  forgot password link under the log in button. 
 2. Check your email for the link and set your password for the first time.

Authentication Error

 Contact and we can help.